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Solutions Library

One of the key differentiators LitMass has is its library of ‘plug and play’ and reusable solutions that ensures an accelerated delivery cycle. These are not so-called software or products but a set of useful utilities, mostly constructed with a set of configurable parameters and a visualization-driven presentation area for ease of decision making.

Few examples from this library, which is upgraded constantly:

  1. Model Management Inventory

Quantitative models used for business decision making undoubtedly pose bigger risk than ever. Quite rightly, it is the central element of review for most of the audits and examination. LitMass has designed an intuitive model management inventory that not only ensures compliance, but becomes a key decision making tool for your model risk management.

  1. Capacity Modeler and Simulator

A highly configurable modeling and simulation tool that takes user inputs like past volume, productivity or capacity drivers such as campaigns, expected changes in business in future, FTE ramp-up and ramp-down, SLAs, and management actions to paint a near-real picture of how your operations is going to perform. You could use this as your guidance tool to plan for capacity in response to a change in business or on regular basis.

  1. Threshold Tuning Workbook

A powerful visualization tool that allows you to play with the threshold parameters of the transaction monitoring models in detecting suspicious activity. This tool will ensure a newly tuned cutoff for triaging quality alerts by reducing the false positives yet ensuring a zero-tolerance for financial crime.

  1. Backlog Risk Prediction Dashboard

Backlog in a processing chain is undesirable. Depending on the type of operations, it can cost you in various ways – customer complaints and escalations leading to loss of business and customers, reduced employee morale, management anxiety or the worst of all, a regulatory criticism. Our tool ensures you are always on top of the matter by knowing where the issues would crop up, how much time you have and the scale of the foreseeable challenge.

  1. Service Attribute Improvement Prioritization

As service provider, [to your customer, another business or department] you have collected some valuable feedback on various facets of your operation. Our tool dispels all your contemplation by generating powerful insights on the most important drivers so that you can prioritize your efforts accordingly.

  1. Benchmarking

World is created unequal. A benchmarking exercise is as good as its ability to properly elucidate not just the differences in the performance levels, but also, the underlying factors and structural nuances that cause the difference. With this, the discussion with your management team should shift to how to get better than whether there was a level playing field.

  1. Processing-chain Journey

Imagine for a moment that a customer-submitted document had a life of its own! It would experience a journey [electronically or may be physically] through your operational processes in the form of review, transfer, work, re-work, queuing, approvals etc. Our attempt is to bring that journey in the form of a timeline for your decision-making so that you put all organisational resources to make this journey experience world-class.

  1. Model Characteristics Assessment

Sifting through the various tables of characteristics stability and variable deviation indices report have never been easier. Our “validation assist” tool helps modelers critically evaluate model performance at ease with an improved productivity.

  1. Portfolio Similarity Mapping

A collection of visualization tools based on advanced statistical methods that help you visualize complex multi-dimensional data as simple and intuitive visuals. With this, you would always be curious to verify how similar or dissimilar a set of items of your interest [such as portfolios, companies, employee groups] is.

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