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Engagement Options

There are multiple ways LitMass can partner with your organization to help you achieve your analytics vision. The right option depends on primarily two factors – your organization’s analytics strategy and readiness. Let us look at a few scenarios and see how LitMass may help:

Scenario 1: You understand the potential of analytics and plan to invest in analytics, however, you are not sure of your investment strategy from a return perspective. Is it right time to invest into a full-scale business intelligence solution or you should first create a datamart, on a smaller scale, having data from key systems? Should you start building your internal analytics team or you should have a hybrid set-up? Who is the right vendor for you?

Scenario 2: You have a team of expert statisticians and econometricians running the analytics for you and you are expected to work closely with them. You want a broader understanding of what problems analytics can solve and the associated challenges and dependencies to provide a high-level vision to the team and to course-correct the strategy as necessary.

Scenario 3: There is a business issue which you think analytics can help solve and you are looking for a partner who can deliver the project for you. It could be because you want to run a proof of concept for analytics or you want to balance the additional seasonal demand by leveraging your analytics partner.

Scenario 4: Building and managing an analytics workforce is not an easy task and you have taken a conscious decision to outsource the analytics operations to a trusted partner – a partner who has more than adequate experience in managing such operations, understands your business objectives and for who you are a priority.

LitMass’s analytics advisory services will not only address your issues described in the first scenario but cover a few more areas. For example:

  • A SWOT analysis of the current analytics capability covering the four aspects – people, process, organization and data & technology and a 12-18 months roadmap

  • Independent review of analytics projects, models or strategy

  • Be a long-term partner – help build the strategic roadmap, prioritize the goals and investments and provide an overall direction to the programme

  • Research and present insights on analytics industry landscape



The objective of the action-learning offering is to equip the high-ranking executives with a basic to medium-level understanding of analytics that will improve the effectiveness of their analytics-related decisions and success of the analytics program.  It is worthwhile to note that the success of an analytics program lies as much as in the leadership sponsorship and vision as in the analytical rigor and accuracy of the insights and the action-learning program will help with the former. Some of the indicative areas that an action learning program will cover are:

  • Basic knowledge of analytics

  • Key application areas and best practices

  • Analytics tools and relative comparisons

  • Prerequisites for a successful analytics program

  • Typical business issues and analytical solutions

  • Hands-on learning through case studies

This is the best way to engage if there is a specific issue which needs attention. LitMass can help identify the root-cause by applying the right analytical techniques, generate critical insights and build a solution helping you manage the situation proactively in future. Typical duration of such an initiative will vary anywhere between four weeks to twenty-four weeks.

Under a ‘managed services’ arrangement, LitMass will assume complete responsibility of your analytics program. Of course, the analytics vision, strategy and book of work will be decided by you with support from LitMass, however, we will ensure that each of the initiatives are delivered as per agreed timelines and quality. The managed services model has a number of additional benefits – the cost of delivery comes down significantly with time, an adhoc request for a quick analysis now and then is supported easily without any additional cost and gives you the flexibility to experiment with a new idea with a very low cost of failure.

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