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About Us

LitMass Analytics is a Bangalore-based start up founded and managed by seasoned analytics professionals. The analytics offerings in three functional areas – Operations, Risk & Compliance and Workforce – are designed to enable organizations achieve their intended operational, reputational and strategic outcomes by considering all the stakeholders.

With a strong belief in the success of analytics-enabled organizations, the core purpose of our existence is to empower our customers with insights by reasonably simplifying enormous volume of data and information using the power of scientific thinking, its applications and storytelling. The vision therefore in our CEO, Sukiran Maity’s words, is to become the “leading analytics partner in the areas of efficiency and effectiveness by offering solutions that answer both strategic and operational aspects of an organization.”


My Profile

Sukiran Maity
Co-founder and CEO, LitMass Analytics

Sukiran is an accomplished leader in the analytics space with over 15 years of experience across multiple business functions. After commencing his career as a marketing analytics professional, it is his very passion of taking analytics to non-traditional and underserved areas that led him to take up new roles in creating analytics practices across risk and compliance, operations and HR.

He was instrumental in creating the Centralized Credit Risk Modeling, Operations Analytics, HR Analytics, and Financial Crime Compliance Analytics practices for a major bank. During his stint at the risk analytics teams, Sukiran was deeply inspired by the importance of operations risk that face today’s businesses as a whole and chose to further expand his knowledge of analytics applications across the associated domains. The operations analytics team created by him made major contributions in improving the bank’s approach to servicing productivity, service quality, and procurement process. His initial work on compliance operations analytics gradually caught the attention of the organization and led to the creation of a full-blown financial crime compliance analytics function focused on major areas such as transaction monitoring optimisation, sanctions screening and payment screening.

Sukiran holds a Bachelor and Masters degree in Statistics from Indian Statistical Institute with a major in Mathematical Statistics and Probability.

Omesh Saraf
Co-founder and Director, LitMass Analytics

Omesh brings in years of cross-functional experience in analytics and consulting spanning across areas, such as, credit risk and fraud, operations, customer experience and human capital management. His industry experiences include banking, telecommunications, technology and services across various markets like North America, Europe and Asia.

Omesh was leading the Human Capital Analytics capability in Accenture before Sukiran and he founded LitMass Analytics. He has advised several fortune 500 companies including Accenture’s internal HR function. He helped them start on their human capital analytics journey and realize the potential of analytics applications in talent management decisions. His primary areas of expertise in human capital analytics are workforce planning and forecasting, talent acquisition, learning effectiveness, employee engagement and retention. He has co-authored a couple of publications expounding his point of view.

During his tenure in HSBC, Omesh held multiple leadership positions in the Analytics Centre of Excellence – leading the global COE for HR reporting and analytics, setting up the operations analytics capability for technology and operations and serving as a designated credit model approver for the North America retail portfolio.

In the initial phase of his career, Omesh worked for Neural Technologies and Tata Consultancy Services specializing in risk & fraud analytics and commercial credit modeling.

He holds a Masters degree in Statistics from Indian Statistical Institute specializing in Applied Statistics and Data Analysis.

Some core beliefs of the founding members are instrumental in how the culture of LitMass is expected to evolve over time. It is worth listing few of these which certainly become the cornerstones of the subsequent development of our brand, employee and customer value propositions and the attitude of the corporation towards its broader stakeholders as a whole.

  • Superior business outcomes are produced by considering perspectives of all the stakeholders
  • A scientifically managed business produces better outcomes
  • A business empowered with insightful information can be run scientifically
  • Information is insightful if it is conveyed as an all-encompassing story
  • The world is dynamic, multi-dimensional, connected

Our Purpose
It is with our very core beliefs that the purpose of existence of LitMass is conceived in relation to its stakeholders.
Organizations across the world today is a lot more productive than what they have previously been. More so, because of a collectively evolved thinking about prudent use of resources, labor and technology. We play a pivotal role in helping accelerate that journey towards higher productivity.

Our core purpose, therefore, is to empower our customers achieve superior business outcomes through the adoption of analytics by simplifying this complex world using the power of scientific thinking and storytelling.

Our Vision
In the context of today’s world, it is increasingly apparent that our purpose ties well with how things are evolving. Our conviction is becoming stronger that we can truly make a mark in the days to come.
We therefore aspire to become the leading analytics business in the area of efficiency and effectiveness by offering solutions to our customers that answer both strategic and operational aspects of an organization.

In our journey to fulfill our aspirations, as an organization we will be guided by the following core values.
  • Values

    • Simplicity in our interactions, design considerations, content presentation and storytelling
    • Passion for Quality in our problem solving approach to arrive at the most optimal solution
    • Innovation to arrive at cutting edge solutions
    • Empathy in our interaction with all stakeholders through active listening and comprehension

We are uniquely positioned to offer more comprehensive solutions to our customers by augmenting our own analytical solutions with synergistic offerings like commensurate technology platforms, integration opportunity, strategic and process consulting. Besides, given their diverse nature they enhance our reach both in terms of geographical presence and domain.

Following is a list of our current partners.

Chris Anderson
Partner – US Sales, LitMass Analytics

Chris holds an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago in Economics and Finance. He is an accomplished leader in the Banking and Insurance industry, where he has managed teams at Citigroup, HSBC and State Farm Bank. His career spans 30 years, with special emphasis on providing process design, innovation and technical solutions to internal and external clients.

Nilmadhab Mandal
Sales and Technical Advisor – UK, LitMass Analytics

Nilmadhab brings more than 15 years of deep expertise in the area of operation analytics (Supply chain, demand forecasting) and skill set in advanced analytics technologies like SAS, SPSS and Power BI. He has worked with leading organizations namely IRI, SAS and IDC in varied roles to drive data driven decission making across commercial sectors in Asia and UK. He has advised India’s leading brands in automotive (passenger and commercial), CPG, retail, paints and coating in driving their analytics adoption.

Other partners:

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