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Case Study

Next Role for Your Top Talent
A quick scan of the findings from the employee engagement and exit surveys across organizations will show ‘career aspirations cannot be met’ as one of the top three factors behind employee demotivation and the eventual departure from the organization. While so many leave the organization assuming no further learning or growth opportunities, in reality, the organization ends up hiring hundreds of similar profiles every year.

We think this problem, which is very relevant and critical for most of the organizations, can be addressed through analyzing the data and finding some patterns.

In essence, we need to answer the following questions –

  • Who is ready for the next role
  • Which are the other similar roles the employee can perform?
  • Are these roles aligned with the stated career objective?

Effective analysis of historical career progression data can provide insights into the various role transitions that may help us answer these three questions.


We have shown just a couple of simple yet powerful visualizations of the data that could provide good insights into career transitions and employee profiles versus fitment in roles.


The benefits are self-evident. As the career progression path is rather spiral than linear, this would not only provide new opportunity to employees and renew the enthusiasm in them but also help the organization build the talent for tomorrow.

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