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Operations Analytics

The operational complexity has changed significantly over last few years and we have witnessed the primary drivers of this change being globalization and technological advances. Whereas many of these drivers have become a blessing, they have also brought in some unintended consequences as well. Service quality or production disruptions are now commonplace as operations are not always under direct control of the management.

Our Offerings

Our operations analytics offerings are designed to incorporate four key elements of organizational success – cost, quality, service and risk. We believe an optimal operational configuration is possible through a variety of simple to advanced analytics interventions. These will be in the form of customer experience analytics, capacity modeling, and business performance management through incentive design, productivity drivers analysis, and production analytics. Further, if the business has a strong reliance on the upstream success of supply chain and procurement, the same can be augmented to create a coherent view of operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Case Study

Capacity Modeling

Changing business demand is inherent in the way operations function. Very often they are required to react swiftly to the cause. Read more

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